Dreamline 34M

The Dreamline 34M  features all the basic development concepts underpinning the entire Dreamline range of modern, meticulously designed and built motoryachts.

After the Dreamline 26M’s success with both critics and public alike, the shipyard presents the Dreamline 34M brimming with unique content that is very much consistent with the philosophy at the heart of the Dreamline project developed by engineer Peter Zuber. Technological innovation and meticulous construction have been the DL Yachts’ bywords since the outset, the aim being to produce yachts that not only deliver total comfort but also leading-edge performance figures.

Stylistically, the entire Dreamline range was developed by Enrico Gobbi’s T4 Design while Giuseppe Arrabito’s Arrabito Naval Architects crafted the naval architecture. The project was managed by Peter Zuber to meld aesthetic and functional demands into one sleek package. A whole slew of small but pivotal design touches, some introduced by the yard’s founder, mean that all the yachts in the Dreamline range benefit from solutions that deliver superior comfort and safety. Flourishes usually only to be found on much larger yachts guarantee the Dreamline 34M’s owner and guests unusually high standards of comfort for a yacht of these dimensions. Noise and vibration levels have been reduced to almost zero and careful study of the structure and adoption of specific solutions mean that damping is at source. Indoor and exterior doors that “disappear” into the structure and a bridge on the Fly Deck that can be moved completely outboard to give the captain access to the main commands even during manoeuvres in very tight spaces, are just two of many innovative elements being debuted on this new 35-metre vessel.

The Dreamline 34M features some of the concepts debuted on the Dreamline 26M, including an owner’s suite on the main deck which, in this instance, has 270° views and access to a reserved deck area which is completely private because of clever crew passageway and walkway design.

As already stated, the shipyard introduces a bridge on the Fly Deck that can be moved outboard. This highly original solution is made possible by reliable, modern systems which allow all of the command instrumentation to travel outboard. The result is that the captain has complete visibility when berthing and manoeuvring in tight spaces. A solution born of necessity (skippers often need to have bridge wings that jut outside), combined with research into practical efficient yet aesthetically-pleasing solutions. This innovation is the result of feedback and consultations with owners and crew.

Everything aboard this new Dreamline vessel is the fruit of the best possible compromise between form and function with the former needing, of course, to guarantee owners and guests absolute comfort on deck and good-looking interiors in line with the overall aesthetic of the yacht. Function, on the other hand, guarantees comfort, safety, privacy and the opportunity to use the various areas of the yacht in a new and more comprehensive way.

One prime example of this balancing of form and function is the Fly Deck, which aside from benefiting from a much larger surface area than on most yachts of this size, offers many other solutions that make it liveable in almost any conditions, be it riding at anchor, underway, in port or in open sea. There is even an aquarium for crustaceans.

With regard to fit-out, once again this is a full-custom yacht which means that owners not only can choose the furnishings and trims they desire but also that the yard is prepared to modify parts of the superstructure. This allows DL Yachts to satisfy the tastes and preferences of all kinds of different clients. That said, it can also count on a tried-and-tested naval platform and particularly high performance efficiency figures.

The Dreamline 34M typically has four guest staterooms on its lower deck. Two of these are VIPs amidships but there is also one double and one twin, all opening on to a shared corridor. Elegant colour combinations and a wide array of luxe materials lend the fit-out a sophisticated, accomplished air. Notables include White Backlit Onyx Tops which not only look extremely striking but also provide soft yet effective lighting. Luxury stitched leather is used to trim the walls, furnishing elements and even handles, all combined with polished stainless steel. There are also other details which, their stunning visual impact aside, are highly functional. These include the bathroom doors in the two VIP cabins which are trimmed in the same leather as the bulkheads so that when they are closed they meld with the walls and when open, simply slide away into the bulkheads. The intention is that they should never interfere with the overall aesthetic of the cabin when not in use nor with the liveability of either bathroom or suite when open.

Similar solutions are also to be found in other door and window systems aboard. Like its counterpart in the Dreamline 26M, the owner’s suite, for instance, has an automatic door that does not impede the side walkway when open but simply slides into the structure. Another instance of this level of sophistication is the large glass door leading from the cockpit to the saloon. It is made up of four sections which when open, turn the two spaces into one expansive indoor-outdoor area.

The décor and furnishings are exceptional with very sophisticated pieces chosen, not least sublime works of art requiring specially-made plinths and other supports, silk velvet-upholstered seats and Armani Casa fabrics for the curtains, sofas and other upholstery. Luxury Portoro marble is also extensively used for the bathrooms.

As mentioned earlier, the owner’s suite is located on the foredeck where it enjoys uniquely sweeping views of both the sea as far as the eye can see and of the sky overhead, thanks to windows in the superstructure which have, however, been shielded from prying eyes. The interiors are all very generous and rationally laid out too. The feeling throughout is of a much larger vessel. Furthermore, there are constant glimpses and views of the sea thanks to plentiful windows and transparent elements specifically positioned to allow to allow the eye to roam. The lobby amidships complete with day bathroom and direct deck access, a mobile balcony on the port side and the other features described above are normally only to be found on vessels of 50 metres also.

The same philosophy drove the design of the crew quarters and areas. In fact, the routes used throughout the ship by the crew were very carefully designed to guarantee both owner and guests complete privacy both day and night. The crew will enjoy a very high standard of living aboard even when they are on extended passages. The whole bow section of the hull is given over to the crew quarters which has been fitted out with the same care and attention as the rest of the yacht and provides ample space to allow the crew relax properly when off duty.

Once again with the Dreamline 34, DL Yachts offers owners the choice of installing a hybrid propulsion system developed with Siemens to deliver particularly low fuel consumption figures. Its environmental impact is also such that it is suitable for navigating protected waters. Added to all this is the engineering work done to ensure superb management of the onboard plant and equipment, complete with bypass and back-up systems that make for complete security and safety at sea. Truly a superyacht!


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