Dreamline 26M

The Dreamline 26M, was introduced to the world at the 2014 Cannes Yachting Festival to great acclaim. She was a head-turner and won accolades from all quarters. Indeed, the Dreamline DL 26M won the World Yachts Trophies for the Best Yacht – Best Layout at the 2014 Cannes Yachting Festival. The success of Dreamline is nothing short of phenomenal.

The award-winning Dreamline 26M with her interior capacity equivalent to that of a 100-footer is a superb entry-level superyacht. She features a massive owner’s stateroom on the main deck with direct access to the foredeck. It is indeed the epitome of Dreamline yachts!

A long list of innovations would be found on this elegant yacht, starting with its technologically advanced “Blade” hull developed by Giuseppe Arrabito that defines new standards in hydrodynamic efficiency, reducing fuel consumption and improving seaworthiness – two extremely important factors in today’s yachting reality. In particular, the distinctive shape of the hull – the result of extensive research studies exhaustively verified via tank tests and advanced computational fluid dynamics methods – guarantees reduced resistance at any speed as naval architect Mr. Arrabito’s design assures smooth sailing similar to that of a displacement yacht even at planing speed; all the while keeping in check the coefficient of resistance. The particular shape of the bow confers elevated seaworthiness which in turn affords this craft extreme stability even when sailing at high speed – rates that would force a similar-sized classical planing hull craft to curb its enthusiasm. All this is the result of a perfect fit between a number of key factors; among these, the quantity and disposition of weight, where meticulous analysis has made it possible to give the owner free rein in appointment choices. Even the smallest yacht in the Dreamline range presents a system for managing the craft’s six fuel tanks – independently of the quantity of fuel contained – so as to optimize trim. The weight of the fuel can be distributed as best fits navigation requirements thereby consenting the hull to continuously perform under optimal trim. The six fuel holds can be regulated so as optimize trim both longitudinally and athwartships.

State-of-the-art design by Team For Design architect Enrico Gobbi presents a classical slant merged with functionalities previously unheard of on crafts this size; an interpretation of the concept of speed combined with absolute comfort, an expression of ultra-modern style that is always original yet never overdone. Particular attention has been paid to the perception of the sea itself on board: an awareness of the marine environment throughout the craft’s interior fittings evident in the varying heights of the quarter boards in select areas, the extensive use of glass and the possibility to directly see the sea from any interior. Lighting on board is exclusively LED so as to best accentuate furnishings while guaranteeing non-invasive, soft tones.

The lay-out draws inspiration from that of larger yachts as the generous interior space available on board readily lends itself to the task, beginning with the owner’s suite positioned on the main deck that enjoys private access to the relax area fore, to the crew quarters which are quite spacious having taken into consideration the possibility of prolonged navigation. This amazing craft has even more to offer: lateral access mid-ship with a nearby day toilet and lobby that gives onto the sun deck, the lower deck dedicated to the guest cabins, to the owner’s suite via a dedicated hallway or to the bridge – all features that normally are to be found only on much larger yachts.

Stern is where the exceptional design effort aimed at guaranteeing new ways to truly experience the sea on board a yacht can best be encountered. The large garage aft, in addition to housing an RIB that can easily be lifted thanks to a specially designed mechanism, can be transformed in a matter of minutes into an on board gym or beach area. But there’s more: this part of the yacht can be employed for functions often found only on much larger crafts, such as a movable stern platform and innovative gangway that can turn into steps or an inclined plane to facilitate access for persons with reduced mobility.

Through the concerted effort of all their design planners, DL Yachts Shipyards has developed innovative solutions particularly effective in terms of noise reduction and minimization of the level of perceived vibration that will soon be adopted by the entire line.

Positioned on the half-deck that separates the sun deck from the main deck mid-ship, the bridge merits special attention. Perfectly appointed and well-equipped in terms of state-of-the-art technology, the Captain enjoys optimal visuals and the possibility to have all necessary controls immediately at hand thanks to modern ergonomic studies.
As for systems and equipment, the materials employed are of the highest quality and most modern technology available, incorporating redundancy features typical of ocean-going vessels where the possibility to bypass systems failure guarantees that level of efficiency necessary for re-entry.

The avant-garde applied technology proper to the entire Dreamline range can also be seen in the hybrid propulsion system developed in conjunction with Siemens. For interested owners, the shipyard proposes a “Hybrid” version for each individual model providing electric propulsion that further reduces noise and gas emissions.



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